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Why are the NAATI fees so high?

NAATI fees are high because the organization is responsible for maintaining and administering a rigorous accreditation process for language professionals in Australia. This process involves evaluating the knowledge and skills of translators and interpreters through written and oral exams, and ensuring that they are able to work effectively in multicultural settings. Additionally, NAATI is responsible for maintaining and updating the standards for accreditation, and for providing ongoing support and resources for language professionals.

The fees charged by NAATI help to cover the costs of developing, administering and marking the exams, maintaining the database of accredited practitioners, and the provision of other services to the industry and the community.

Additionally, NAATI is a non-profit organization and operates with the goal of providing a high-quality, reliable and objective accreditation system that meets the community's needs. The fees go towards paying for the expenses of running the organization.

It's worth noting that many professional organizations charge high fees for certification, accreditation or recognition as it helps to maintain the standards of the profession and ensure that only qualified individuals are recognized as professionals in their field.

Updated on: 11/02/2023

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