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What prices should I charge?/What prices do you charge?

Lingo Ledger is a platform for interpreters/translators and their clients. This means that we don’t actually provide interpreting/translating services, but a medium for linguists to interact with their clients without the need for agencies.

We don’t set the fees for the services that interpreters/translators list on the platform. They are free to choose whatever fee they want to charge. We just take a 15% cut of the fee they charge. For example, if a customer makes a booking for the translation of 200 words document at $50 per 100 words, we would just take $15. The interpreter/translator would receive $85.

That being said, we’ve provided a pricing guideline for the agency market rate of common interpreting/translating services. Nobody is obliged to follow these guidelines. We just thought they might be helpful as a starting point. Remember that Lingo Ledger charges a 15% service fee for whatever price you list the service at.

Guideline for Translation Fees:


Standards Documents include driver's licences, identity documents as well as marriage, divorce, birth and death certificates.

Standard Document TranslationAverage Price per 100 words
Within 7 Business Days$20-40
Express Post$60-80


Non-Standard Documents include education qualifications, employment records and legal, medical and technical documents.

Keep in mind that the price per word will usually increase if the document is translated into an uncommon language (e.g Swahili) and/or if the document is very technical.
Non Standard Document TranslationAverage Price per 100 words
Within 7 Business Days$20-40
Express Post$60-80


Standard Interpreting would include interpreting for events in person that are not for medical or legal purposes
Standard InterpretingAverage Price
Within Business Hours$120-150
Outside Business Hours$160-180


Teleconferencing Interpreting involves interpreting information or words over the telephone or any other audio channel.
Teleconferencing InterpretingAverage Price Per Hour
Within Business Hours$90-130
Out of Hours$120-170


Videoconferencing Interpreting involves interpreting information or words over video meeting software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. The interpreter would be normally expected to show themselves over video
Videoconferencing InterpretingAverage Price per Hour
Within Business Hours$100-140
Out of Hours$130-180


Auslan interpreting involves the interpreting of spoken language to Auslan. Auslan is a visual-spatial language designed for use by Australia’s deaf and hearing-impaired community. It is a highly specialised language.

Additional factors that may affect the fee charged include

Callout charges that include travel cost

The difficulty of the task

The rarity of the language pair

Notice you give the interpreter(This is because interpreters often have to prepare in advance for their bookings)

If interpreting is in a court, hospital or is required under the NDIS

Note that interpreting costs may be covered under the NDIS or similar government subsidy programs such as Centrelink.
Auslan InterpretingAverage Price per Hour
Business Hours$160-$180
Outside Business Hours$180-200

Updated on: 26/02/2023

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