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Is the NAATI a difficult exam to crack? How many marks do we need to get 5 points?

The NAATI exam is considered to be rigorous and challenging. It is designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to accurately and effectively translate or interpret between different languages, and it assesses a wide range of language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and cultural knowledge. The test format and difficulty level may vary depending on the language.

To be awarded 5 points in the Australian Points Test system, you need to achieve a "C" level pass in the relevant NAATI examination. A "C" level pass is considered to be the minimum level of competency required for professional interpreting and translating work in Australia. The marks required for a "C" level pass may vary depending on the language and the level of the exam.

It's important to note that achieving a "C" level pass in the NAATI exam does not guarantee you will receive 5 points in the Australian Points Test as it's just one of the criteria that is considered, your overall profile, education, work experience, and other factors may also be taken into account.

It's advisable to practice as much as possible and seek guidance from experts in the field to prepare for the test, and have a clear understanding of the format and structure of the test, as well as the language and cultural context in which it is being administered.

Updated on: 11/02/2023

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