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How to Create Listings

You’ve created your profile and are keen to get clients! Follow these steps to quickly create listings and get business.

In the top right corner of the website, click the text “Your listings”

Click on the text “Create New Listings” on the right side of the grey bar that now appears

The description section lets you display your name and the languages you specialise in. We recommend you use the format provided to keep your listing professional and clear: First Name Last Name (_Language1-Langauge2)_

The 2nd paragraph lets you outline what your service entails and any relevant experience or qualification you have. Be detailed and accurate to get more clicks!

The 3rd section lets you choose the NAATI accreditation you have.  Eventually we plan to have a verification process where you can submit documents to get a badge that shows your credentials, but for now, just choose the most applicable accreditation.

Once that’s done you’ll have chosen whether you’re going to be performing translation or doing interpreting in the Service Section. If you can do both, don’t worry. You can just make a separate listing later. Choose one for now.

If you’re providing service in person, provide the Address in the Location Section.  Our system is linked to Mapbox so it can offer some suggestions. If you’re offering services remotely now, you can just provide a general location such as the country or city you’re based in.

After that, choose the price you’re offering your service at. If you’re listing a translating service, this will be the price per 100 words or per page. If interpreting, this will be the price per hour. Keep in mind Lingo Ledger charges a 30% service fee.

Next up is availability. Click on the blue edit button to customise your schedule. Choose the hours you can work each day. You can have multiple open periods during each day. Create additional periods by clicking “Add another”

The exceptions option allows you to mark yourself as unavailable on specific days when you are normally unavailable. These are usually family commitments/holidays etc. You can also mark yourself as available when you are normally unavailable if time has opened up.

The final step is adding photos. We recommend you use professional photos displaying your face. You can also add photos of your credentials. Remember, the more professional your profile is, the more clicks you get!

Updated on: 10/12/2022

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