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How does Payment Work?

We use a third-party payment provider called Stripe for all our payments.

Stripe is considered one of the fastest and most secure payment providers out there. In order to receive payments or pay for services on our platform you need to sign up to it.

You can read Stripe’s Terms and Conditions here.

Once you've found an available interpreter/translator and negotiated a suitable price and time for the service to be delivered, you'll need to pay via Stripe. The money will be deposited via Stripe and we will take a 15% Service Fee.

Once the booking date has passed, the deposited money will be sent to the Interpreter/Translator. This will take around 7 days.

The deposited money will not be sent if the booking is cancelled prior to the date or a dispute is triggered within 7 days after the booking date. We may return the service fee and the deposited money back to the appropriate parties in accordance with our cancellation and dispute policy.

Updated on: 08/02/2023

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